= Contact – Nigel Morgan


For any enquiries:
Contact Susan (Nigel’s widow) who now manages his music on – s.m.morgan@me.com 

Almost all compositions in this archive are made available as downloadable PDF study scores. This is usually in a landscape format that makes the music more comfortable to read directly on the computer screen rather than having to print it out. The scores are for study purposes only, but designed to be clear and comprehensive enough for musicians (and particularly students) to audition the music. In some cases instrumental parts and vocal scores are also made available to allow choirs and small ensembles to workshop the music prior to making decisions about the music’s suitability for performance.In works for orchestral and large ensemble you will usually find that keyboard, and/or chamber versions have been made to enable exploration and auditioning on a smaller scale.
If a work does seem suitable for you, your choir or ensemble, the next step is to contact Nigel Morgan’s publisher Tonality Systems Press for an authorized copy of score and parts. These are usually made available in portrait format and may be purchased in digital or hard-copy versions.
  • In a digital form a PDF file with a licence is issued to the performer to allow copies to be made. A special licence agreement is attached to each score or part that registers the use of the score to the performer(s) for an unlimited number of performances for up to three years.
  • In a hard-copy form a conventional score / part can be made up and mailed to the performer(s). Like its digital partner this printed material will carry a similar licence agreement.