= Dream – Nigel Morgan


Dream is in four sections, A B C A. The opening and closing section is not far away from the world of Erik Satie and hisGymnopédies. Section B is a three-part canon at the octave with the first violin melody of section A as its subject. This turns into a fanfare-like section, which segues into a repeat of the opening only with the cello playing the long unfolding melody to a more intense harmonic accompaniment.

. . . dreams also are wrecks of
something divine; but they have the colour of sunset rather than the broad
daylight. I have walked across wide fields at evening and seen, as a mere
distant dot in a row of houses, one particular window and just distinguishable
head; and been uplifted as with roaring trumpets as if by the salute of
Beatrice . . .We have read countless pages about love brightening the
sun and making the flowers more flamboyant; and it is true in a sense;
but not in the sense I mean.