Ricercares I

the conclusion of the first section of Ricercare I.

The first Ricercare is the result of four successive approaches to treating the white noise material.
The music begins with each instrument calling to each other in tiny phrases singly, in duos, trios and gradually increasing into a mix of long and short phrases in counterpoint played by the full ensemble. A map of this activity is drawn by the composer on a special timesheet, which enables a visual image to be prepared showing when instruments play and when they are silent.
The three further sections gradually explore different grouping combinations possible with six players. In
section 2 the three trombones play as one against trumpets and tuba. In section 3 the same orchestration remains in place but each instrument now has an individual harmonic role. In section 4 three pairings (two trumpets, two trombones, trombone and tuba) swap pitch and rhythmic material between each other.