Ancestor 2

Ancestor 2

I hear you, Grandmother,

Telling me to take it

And eat it and get on with it

And lie on the bed I have made.

I hear you, Grandmother,

telling of bare-footed

poverty, drunkenness, leaving

in a boat for a hard city.

I hear you, Grandmother,

saying that once life was heaven,

the farm was fertile

and God smiled every Sunday.

I hear you Grandmother.

Men are fools, babies,

cunning, swine, strong

and need keeping down

as your grandmother told,

and hers told her, and hers,

right back to Eden.

I hear you, Eve.

© Margaret Morgan 2004

At the beginning of Ancestor 2 the female voices of the choir whisper in a slightly independent tempo. This is an example of many passages in Nine Figures that offer the dramatic and gestural possibilities found in contemporary presentations of the ancient Greek chorus.

Bars 35 and 36 from Ancestor 2 show how each voice takes a loop of material of different lengths and rhythms and brings them together to create an insistent dramatic effect.

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