The Sackhouse Tapes

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An important part of the Spring Manoeuvres residency was the production of The Sackhouse Tapes, a 40 minute album of original songs written and recorded by North Norfolk musicians and songwriters. For a period of a three weeks a 16 track studio was installed in The Sackhouse Gallery at the Wells Centre. The studio facilities complete with engineer, an assistant and producer on hand were available FREE to people with or without prior experience of recording: to experiment with ideas and novel partnerships; to discover just what recording was all about; to find a personal voice or sound. The musicians who took part in this unique Arts Council-funded project included a class of primary schoolchildren, young adults from a local centre for people with learning difficulties, a renaissance consort, several singer-songwriters, a reggae band and dub artist, a classically trained singer, a jazz-rock drummer, and a heavy-metal band. What is archived here is the final selection of songs released on a limited edition cassette at the premiere of Spring Manoeuvres in July 1986.

The Sackhouse Tapes was co-produced by Nigel Morgan and Gareth Stuart with assistance from Nicola Lipp.


1. Cushy Butterfield [mp3]

2. Creation Song [mp3]

3. Emily Cries [mp3]

4. I Remember You [mp3]

5. Instrumental [mp3]

6. Nigel Gull #1 [mp3]

7. Nigel Gull #2 [mp3]

8. Seaside Town in Winter [mp3]

9. Staithe Street [mp3]

10. The Loser [mp3]

11. The Reed [mp3]