= Terrain of Inference – Nigel Morgan

Terrain of Inference

for oboe and vibraphone

from part I – chromatic tonality.

The Terrain of Inference is a term invented by Iannis Xenakis. Art, he says, has something in the nature of an inferential mechanism which constitues the platforms on which all theories of mathematical, physical and human sciences move about.
Indeed games of proportion – reducible to number games and metrics in architecture, literature, music, painting, theatre, dance etc . . . games of continuity, of proximity, in or outside time – all occur on theĀ terrain of inference.

from part II – Greek scale.

This short study explores how clusters may be used to accompany a melodic line. The music plays through twice: first, in a chromatic tonality; second, remapped onto a traditional Greek scale. Imagine the oboe as the Greek aulos and the vibraphone as a lyre. This score was written for David Cowley and Chris Stock of the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. 


Study score [pdf]

Reference recording [mp3]