= Sounding the Deep – Nigel Morgan

Sounding the Deep

For Orchestra and Bass Voice


Sounding the Deep, a commission for Hull Philharmonic Orchestra, Nigel Morgan takes the deep oceans as his overall theme: particularly the story of the ocean descents made by the remarkable explorer and zoologist William Beebe in the 1930s. The David Attenborough of his
day, friend of presidents and movie stars, Beebe was a best selling author and lecturer. His inspirational book Half Mile Down¬†describes his record-breaking descents off Nonesuch Island in the Bermudas. Nigel with Phil Legard has fashioned a libretto of five poetic elaborations from Beebe’s writing including part of the transcript from his national radio live broadcast of his record-breaking descent.

Below you can download the study score for bass voice and orchestra. For more information on the project, visit these pages.


Study score [pdf]