= Signature Moments – Nigel Morgan

Signature Moments

For piano.


This collection of 20 ‘ Signature Moments‘ was written as part of the preliminary work on Sounding the Deep, Nigel Morgan’s large-scale composition for Hull Philharmonic Orchestra and singer James Gower.

Sounding the Deep celebrates the pioneering deep sea explorations of William Beebe, who in the 1920s descended to a depth of half a mile in a ‘Bathysphere’ constructed by his colleague Otis Barton.

Each signature moment is a musical miniature reflecting a section of the libretto for Sounding the Deep, written by Nigel Morgan and Phil Legard after Beebe’s book on his undersea adventures: Half Mile Down.

These signature moments join Nigel Morgan’s existing collections of miniatures for piano: Fifteen Images (Le Jardin Pluvieux) and The White Light of Wonder.


This collection of moments has been assembled to encourage musicians to get their hands on the core musical material of Sounding the Deep. You won’t need a virtuoso technique to sound them out them, and most of them will work well as piano duets – No.6 A Question of Descent is particularly suitable and will lead to some intimate hand crossing like my infamous and widely performed Seven Nuptial Blessings for Piano Duet!


Browse the  Signature Moments by clicking on the score above, or download them to your computer as a PDF score and MP3 simulations using the links below.


Signature Moments [PDF]

MP3 simulations [zip]