= Objects of Curiosity – Nigel Morgan

Objects of Curiosity

An expanding collection of chamber and orchestral works for strings

Objects of Curiosity is an expanding collection of single movement works for strings. Each
of the three works planned to date focus on the vision of architects, their buildings and the way these structures animate the landscape.
Objects of Curiosity I – Will Alsop

Objects of Curiosity II – Clough William-Ellis

Objects of Curiosity III – Antoni Gaudi

Each of these pieces exists in two versions: a chamber version and an orchestral version. In terms of the music’s composition the chamber version has always come first and carries a subtitle connecting to the work of each of the three architects. 

Objects of Curiosity (SuperCity)
– for string quartet

Objects of Curiosity (The Prisoner)
– for double bass and piano

Objects of Curiosity (Casa Mila)
– for viola and piano trio

The music has been planned around and inspired by chosen performers who can participate in both versions of their associated work. SuperCity was written for the Kronos string quartet; The Prisoner for the Canadian bassist David Langstroth;Casa Mila for the violist HengChing Fang. In the orchestral versions the scoring offers these possibilities:

Objects of Curiosity I
– string orchestra (with a concertante quintet)

Objects of Curiosity II
– double bass and string orchestra

Objects of Curiosity III – viola, string orchestra and harp

The first two sets of music were completed in 2004 and 2007 respectively. Casa Mila and Objects of Curiosity III are currently works in progress.