No Continuing City

Margaret Morgan
Text. St. Luke 9. 33

Text. St. Luke 9. 33

et factum est cum discederent ab illo ait Petrus ad Iesum praeceptor bonum est nos hic esse

et faciamus tria tabernacula unum tibi et unum Mosi et unum Heliae nesciens quid diceret

And St. Peter, when he thus said

He knew not what

Was in the mount with Jesus

Moses and Elias

And saw their glory.

One cannot blame his crying out

‘It is good to be here’

Words that would sound nothing amiss

On our late being

With Christ at the Holy Table.

It is good for us to be here

In thy holy presence.

Let us build tabernacles,

Tarry here, nor go

In affection to earth.

But somewhat was wrong in Peter’s words

As there is commonly

In the most of our best words

If God should enter

Into judgment with them.

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