New Music for Double Bass: A Guide to Recent Scores by Nigel Morgan

The Double Bass plays a significant role in many of Nigel Morgan’s recent scores as both a solo instrument and as part of this composer’s unique reinvention of the Baroque continuo group for the 21C. Working closely with David Langstroth (formerly of BBC National Orchestra of Wales) has resulted in a lively collection of new music featuring the bass in solo, chamber and orchestral contexts.

Here you can download a Guide to Nigel Morgan’s most recent work for the Double Bass. The Guide has been written for performers, teachers and students to give an overview to the unique opportunities that these scores offer in a wide range of performance situations.

This 22 page Guide contains information on a collection of scores written in the last 10 years. There are programme notes, score extracts and direct weblinks to sound clips and more in-depth information and analysis available on the composer’s website.



New Music for Double Bass [pdf]