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Seven Magical Preludes
for Percussion Sextet

from the Second Magical Prelude

The Seven Magical Preludes were devised as an upbeat for a performance of the original version of Carl Orff's popular choral work Carmina Burana. The instrumentation follows Orff's own exactly, except in the use of the full compass of the tubular bells - Orff asks for just 3 pitches. If this is a logistical problem, a vibraphone may be substituted for the tubular bell part. In the Sixth Prelude, 2 players are required to play the single set of tubular bells.


The seven Preludes should be played as a continuous whole. Dynamics, accents and tempo indications are a guide, no more. The music should be approached 'in the spirit' of Carmina Burana, like a sonic tableau acted out by six musicians. Stylised movements, gestures and other theatrical presentation are envisaged and welcomed.

The first performance of Seven Magical Preludes was given in June 2001 by six members of BBC NOW in a concert given in Bristol Cathedral by the Bristol Choral Society.

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