Leaving Martindale

Leaving Martindale

Shall I be true

as these hills bind me

as these skies find me

as waters weather me,

as leaves crown me?

My kiss keep faith

with death and birth,

my joy with pain,

my heaven with earth?



I love you as the air

enfolds the earth,

as darkness holds a star,

as waters, life.

You are the smiling heart,

the sunlit noon

of one who soon must sleep

her death alone.

Shall I be true?

Love binds in vain

whom death must loose–

the flesh, the pain

that knows you now

soon will not know

that love must pass,

that times must go.


In Leaving Martindale the major thirds and minor sixths of Far Darting are replaced by the minor third interval and the diminished seventh arpeggio. An almost static texture is sustained throughout this slow and rather heart-rending song.

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