Interactions I: Octaves

The first Interaction is to be played like a toccata. Accents should be at a constant dynamic (probably ff). The remaining music should gradually make a crescendo from pp in bar 1 to f in bar 8 and 9 and then diminuendo to pp in bar 16. The performer is recommend to consider playing with the sustaining pedal depressed half-way down. The music is entirely made from pattern 27 of the Slonimsky Thesaurus. This is  what Slonimsky describes as a symmetrical interpolation of one note. The statement of the pattern in each interaction moves through a transposition cycle based on the pattern 27.


Twenty-one pitches of C in three different octave positions are spread out across each bar. The music progresses in a palindrome of musical action where selected pitches are gradually replaced by other pitches from the Slonimsky pattern and then revert to their original state as the piece progresses.