Interaction V: Arpeggios and Chords

This final Interaction is another toccata played very rhythmically and with a lively articulation of accents and staccato. The interludes by contrast should sound very free but to be played delicately and smoothly. The music here has a wave-like motion falling with increasing intensity towards each statement of the rhythmic toccata. In the toccata sections passages in eighth notes may be played with a jazz swing rhythm. The tonality process started in the first Interaction has now come full circle back to C,but the phrases found in the toccata sections are transposed up and down within the compass of a major second producing a richer harmonic palette than previously used in these pieces. The interludes are formed by pitches produced from the generation of 21 samples extrapolated from a sine wave at a specific amplitude. This sine wave is gradually rotated to produce different trajectories of the pitch arrangement.