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The opening bars of Vehemence.

Whilst Vehemence assumes the presentation of a concert work in the Classical tradition an enterprising ensemble, wishing to extend the collected musical material into sonic territory, may wish to use amplification and include ‘preparations' for the instrumental ensemble.  For the piano, pitches D3 F3 C#4 D#4 and E may be prepared by threading dimes or 1p pieces between the triple strings. These pitches are marked with triangular note-heads on the first two pages of the piano part as exempla. For violin the use of Blu-tack placed behind the bridge is suggested on strings D4 and A4 to destabilise the pitch on open strings.

The use of an Eb Clarinet is recommended to produce a vehement and insecure timbre.  In all instrumental parts (though particularly in the Eb Clarinet part) octave transpositions of melodic lines may be made as deemed appropriate for further emphasis and vehemence.

The score includes very few dynamics and additional playing instructions: playing a score having a general expressive marking with vehemence throughout does not give much opportunity for a dynamic range.

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