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The Wakefield Nativity

from The Star, bars 5-8.

In recent years I have begun to turn more and more to poetry to act as a kind of structural narrative to my musical work. I have even begun to set my own texts. My words adopt many of the ancient Chinese forms of literature in making expression through the concrete description rather than the abstract commentary of feelings.  So my starting point to work on the Wakefield Nativity has been to devise a sequence of poetry that uses eleven of the figures and images to trigger my own experiences, experiences I lay before the tableau, for example:

The first song, The Star speaks of a December night on Anelog, a Welsh

mountain that overlooks the island of Ennli, one of the great centres of Mediaeval pilgrimage. It is here that my experience of the Star takes root; not one star, but a bold alarum of stars, galaxies beyond number, and crystal clear in the icy sea-drenched air,

The Kings recalls my experience as a chorister at the Queen's Chapel of St George witnessing royalty and visiting emissaries from distant lands (and usually bearing gifts, which we boys were sometimes allowed to see in the state apartments). These people held to themselves a special poise, purpose, character and awe - never to be forgotten.

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