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The Wakefield Nativity

For nearly twenty years this installation of sculpture and tapestry has contributed to my developing experience of a Christian life. I can rarely pass it by without placing myself before it in reverence. It seems a whole world unto itself, the whole story of the Gospels in a tableau of figures on a stage set that speaks of God's relationship with man, women, children and nature. One year I set myself to meditate on each part of this remarkable and poetic rendering of the Nativity. I considered that I might compose a work that could exist alongside this creation. I tried to place myself next to each figure and imagine their story. I was amazed at the power and wonder of my own imagination. But I never seemed to get near the major players: the Kings, the Holy Family. It was all those gathered about, but ‘there', that played their lives out during those

dislocated but frequent minutes of meditation.

My approach to building a musical work around the Nativity was governed by the realisation that this installation was a kind of narrative that brought together simultaneously time past, present and future. It had for sure an historical presence. It had within it a series of narratives found and expressed in the Gospels. It contained elements foretold by the Prophets of the Old Testament. But the lines of perspective drawn from each figure seemed to gather into a point before my standing self; the Nativity and all it contained in story, image and meaning seemed to point to me. So my music had to somehow reflect my life and experience in its luminous aura: the light of the Nativity.

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