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Chicago Quartet #1 (After Telemann)

Opening of Nights Becalmed.

The music contains the very minimum of performance information. The dynamics, tempo markings and articulations are starting points, no more. The compass of all instruments lies within those of the standard baroque conventions so on modern instruments these may be extended or varied and other instruments may be added (piccolo, alto flute, viola, saxophones and different mallet and percussion instruments). The electric piano is preferred, and an instrument with a Fender Rhodes sound and touch. Electric Guitar may be used instead of or in addition to the mallet instrument part. Some ornamentation is present but players are encouraged to add their own as appropriate, and indeed pursue extemporisation should they see fit.

The score is written in C.

The project is dedicated to Chicago's Eighth Blackbird and London's Dr. K Sextet (an ensemble led by the pianist Alex Wilson.) The score was fashioned in its entirety using the algorithmic software Symbolic Composer.

Chicago Quartet #1 score [pdf]
Chicago Quartet #1 parts [zip]
Chicago Quartet #1 Reference Recordings [zip]
Chicago Quartet #1 Annotated Symbolic Composer score-files [pdf]

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