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Chicago Quartet #1 (After Telemann)

Opening of Scholar.

Megalopolis of Pure Intensity describes the city itself, Pilot Fish is the term Steiner uses to describe his relationship with the former Marine Archie, Scholar explains Steiner's experience of learning about the sciences, Discovering Difficulty refers to an epiphany moment when trying to read the opening paragraph of Martin Heidegger's Being and Time, Nights Becalmed describes Chicago on a very hot summer's night, and finally Sirens Singing tells of Steiner's initiation into teaching. Such titles are only loosely hung on movements that observe the tempo, structure and dance forms that Telemann used.

But there are in each movement particular elements of distortion and parametric reassembling employed to create a very contemporary character to the music: that the musicians of today might enjoy something of the kind of joyful ‘play' of ensemble writing that Telemann was brilliant at providing for his musicians. This will be the challenge and deliberation of the Chicago Quartet series. Often the distortion is rhythmic or metrical, bars are expanded and contracted (in Scholar a Fibonacci generation is used in the rhythmic material), harmony is ‘stretched' and altered (Nights Becalmed), and new tempo relationships explored within a metrically modulated Menuet (Siren Singing).

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