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Chicago Quartet #1 (After Telemann)

Eighth Blackbird (photo by Elliot Mandel).

Just as Telemann brought together the finest players of the city of Paris, so too have the Grammy winning ensemble Eighth Blackbird assembled a brilliant group of Chicago-based musicians. Taking their name from the poem by Wallace Stevens this sextet have specialised in performing new music with the energy and sonic spectacle of a rock or jazz ensemble. Their most recent project Hand / Eye celebrates a unique collection of contemporary art held in the city of Chicago.

In composing his Chicago Quartets Nigel Morgan has taken the lives and work of four people who have direct connections with the city of Chicago: George Steiner, Frank Lloyd Wright, Jane Addams, Philip Dick. In the first Quartet presented here the philosopher and essayist George Steiner is the focus, or rather his chapter from his autobiography Errata on attending the University of Chicago as undergraduate student in 1947. This chapter is a virtuoso piece of writing in itself, and it is his words that provide the titles for each movement, whilst the music retains the form and expressive markings of the Telemann original (the Suite in B minor TWV43).

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