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Seven Archetypes

Extracts from the opening bars of Hit and Rake.

With Archetypes I created a sequence of poems that would illustrate each task and provide the pitches and rhythms to help ‘make' the piece. Some of that making required responding to the quality or idea of the task - in matters of tempo or expressive character; whereas Hit is marked ‘flowing but relentless', Rake is ‘slow and sustained'. But there is more than applying a kind of function machine that takes in the text and outputs a sonic result, even though simple algorithmic procedures are used to form the musical whole.

For the curious performer the poetry might serve as a clue to the expressive character that might belong to each task.  And so the text of each poem is presented below.

In progressing Seven Archetypes I'm particularly indebted to Sharon Adams publication Conversation with Tools available from www.sharonadams.co.uk

Seven Archetypes score [pdf]
Seven Archetypes parts [zip]
Seven Archetypes reference recording [mp3]

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