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About Active Notation

Images from Pippo Lionni's Facts of Life and John Dack's Notes on the Realisation of Scambi.

It is envisaged that the music contained in the Facts of Life project will make Active Notation a central part of their composition, integrating visuals and audio processing into the Active scores, as well as allowing further practical engagement with Open Form. The first of these pieces will be written for cellist Peter Gregson in 2009.

As part of the Middlesex University's Scambi Project, Nigel
  Morgan hopes to realise an instrumental version of Henri Pousseur's notable Open Form electroacoustic tape composition Scambi. This Active Notation reinterpretation will allow the performer to assemble a performance in the same way that a performance of the original tape work is realised, using dynamic recording and playback to simulate the multiple speaker configurations that would be integral to a performance of Pousseur's tape version.

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