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Three Canonic Quartets
For Four Violins

These Three Canonic Quartets are part of a larger 12-movement work called FORM. The music is inspired by the artist Nasreen Mohamedi (1937 -1990). Her work is best known for its line-based drawings, and today she is considered as one of the essential modern artists of India. In her diary I found a collection of words she had assembled under the title FORM. They comprised Order, Option, Opposite, Retrograde, Returning & Receiving, Recoverable, Mineral, Masculine & Feminine, Motion. From these words I created musical scenarios, short meta-compositions or plans for a series of quartets of equal instruments. The artist Nasreen Mohamedi was particularly interested in music, and she often worked to the accompaniment of Indian Classical Music. Her favourite raga it seems was the Maya-ki-Todi. This raga is associated both with the late morning and a folk tale:

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