= Filey Brigg – Nigel Morgan

Filey Brigg

For soprano voice and keyboard


Yesterday I walked to the end of Filey

The sea was brown to landward
blue to seaward

The tide was coming in as I
reached the end

The two seas sloshed at each
other across the limestone slabs


Yesterday I walked on a long
curving stretch of beach

The sand was almost dry under
my walking boots

The tide had left a golden arc
for kite-running children

The sea was a patchwork of
shadows flecked white in the wind


Yesterday I sat in the sun and
briefly sketched

The sky was a vast armada of
clouds sailing the troposphere

The sun primed their canvas
sails every shade of white

The wind rose and fell in waves
of moor-scented air   


Yesterday I brought my lover
here through time and space

The woldland was every green in
Hockney’s paint box

The trees stood in distant
lines still waiting for their leaves

The breeze ruffled her delicate
hair kissed her freckled cheek

This is the first of three North Yorkshire Songs written for the jazz singer Lauren Kinsella and keyboardist Matt Robinson. It joins the cycle Origami Letters as a body of song composition  that may be extended by improvisation and re-arrangement. All perfomance instructions are to be considered as starting points, no more.


Filey Brigg score [pdf]Filey Brigg reference recording [mp3]