Facts of Life

An expanding collection of music for instruments and Active Notation

Facts of Life is an expanding collection of music for instruments and Active Notation. Inspired by designer
Pippo Lionni‘s book of the same title, the works that comprise Facts of Life will draw upon the pictographic images that Lionni has designed to be open to varying interpretation or to present intentional ambiguity. The first work in the Facts of Life series is entitled Ideograms, for solo cello, digital media and Active Notation, and is being written for the young cellist Peter Gregson.
As a preface to this work, Nigel Morgan has composed the first set of Studies in Movement, which, as well as standing as a work in its own right, engages the performer with the techniques and tonalities that are used in the larger composition. To view an online presentation that provides more information
about the concepts explored in Ideograms, click here.
The second piece in the series is being prepared for the European quartet Gatto Marte – read about The Facts According to Gatto Marte.